Due to its wide range of urban potentials in the fields of culture, history and art, Rudaki can narrate a pure Iranian idea that, while creating a storytelling appeal for the audience, also plays the role of integrating this diverse potential. These main potentials and strategies of this area, we chose one of Attar Neyshabouri’s collection of poems called Seven Cities of Love, as a field of narration, and each of the valleys of this literary collection into a physical narrative and finally urban spatial use. We converted.

Project Name : Rudaki art and culture area
Architecture Firm :NPD Group
Website :www.npdgroup.ir
Firm Location :Tehran,Iran
Project location: Tehran , Iran
Lead Architects: Navid Ganji , Amirkayvan Alimohammadi , Amirhossein Entezari , Amir malekshahi

Additional Credits

Design Team: Navid Ganji , Amirkayvan Alimohammadi , Amirhossein Entezari , Amir malekshahi
Clients: Tehran Cultural Space Development Company

Rudaki art and culture zone By NPD Group - Sheet1
©NPD Group

Roudaki Art and Culture Zone as the only artistic and cultural complex in Tehran with more than hundreds of years of history and the presence of celebrities of this city today is considered as one of the most important tourist destinations in Tehran and this area in terms of potential The NPD – Novel Process Design and Build – company, on the Suggestion of Tehran Cultural Space Development Company, designed and developed a coherent tourism scenario to improve the audience’s discovery and exploration’s sense of the spaces of this region and increase the atmosphere of their  five senses. According to this tourist scenario, which is designed based on one of the poems of the Iranian poet and philosopher Attar Neyshabouri, the user enters the collection through a revived gate and with seven valleys and seven concepts of this poet, a conceptual space is created that forces the user to attend. In space and its exploration.

Rudaki art and culture zone By NPD Group - Sheet2
©NPD Group

In the first valley, the old gate of Yousefabad, which was one of the most important gates in Tehran and has been destroyed today, has been designed and represented with a modern but Iranian approach, which stands out as the starting point of this space exploration.

Rudaki art and culture zone By NPD Group - Sheet4
©NPD Group

Then, after the valley seeker, he reaches the valley of love, knowledge, deprivation, monotheism, astonishment, and finally poverty and annihilation, respectively, The sense of the unity of space and depth in minimalism, the wonder in space-making and exploration due to the dualities and paradoxes, and finally the landscape that suddenly depicts the whole space in one frame.

Rudaki art and culture zone By NPD Group - Sheet5
©NPD Group

For the first time as an Iranian company, the Novel Process Design and Build Company, or NPD, was able to apply the rich concepts of poetry and philosophy to the development of the Iranian urban space and atmosphere, which is the project ahead.


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